Eye Opening Facts About Freelancing That You May Not Have Known

Were you aware that over 30% of the world’s workforce freelance?

How Businesses Can Get the Best Out of the Freelancers They Work With

In need of some extra hands at work? If so, finding reliable, skilled freelancers could prove to be a real asset to your business.

Strong Branch Productions

Strong Branch Productions specialise in making Podcasts, Games and Web Series. We spoke to the core creative team about why they created the company, what "Betraying theatre" means and what exciting future work they have lined up.

Introducing Shreem's Founder, Daljinder Singh

An interview with the face behind the business, covering why Shreem was set up and the vision behind it.

Just Graduated Uni & Wondering ‘What Now’? Here Are Some Ideas to Help You Out

If you've recently graduated, the chances are you're feeling a little lost. This is totally normal, which is why we've put together a list of some ideas for you to think about.

Interview: Emma Fletcher | Stage Invaders Entertainment

Emma Fletcher, who runs the entertainment agency 'Stage Invaders Entertainment', talks to us about our service and how it can help artists going forward.

The Main Benefits of Becoming a Creative Freelancer

Creative mind craving professional freedom? Freelancing might just be the right path for you.

Ideas for You to Build a Work Portfolio Up

Wondering how to create a strong work portfolio that can help you to get further in your career? See here for more info.

Benjamin Taylor (Talent Executive for the British Film Institute)

Benjamin Taylor recently joined the British Film Institute's Northern Hub as a Talent Executive. He spoke to us about his journey so far and the challenges facing the industry in the North. He also shares advice to upcoming filmmakers and opportunities at Film Hub North for budding talent.

Interview: Brian Lewis (Editor of Longbarrow Press)

Brian Lewis is the editor and founder of Longbarrow Press, an independent poetry publisher based in Sheffield. 

Longbarrow first published back in 2006 and has since been able to create a real community for lovers of poetry in the South Yorkshire region. We wanted to know more about the art medium of poetry and how it's supported.

Meet the Team: Brandon George

At Shreem, we want to introduce you to the team who work behind the scenes to make sure the platform is running smoothly. In our fourth instalment, meet Brandon George.

Meet the Team: Daniel Cowley and Sean Gunn

At Shreem, we want to introduce you to the team who work behind the scenes to make sure the platform is running smoothly. In our second instalment, meet our software developers, Daniel Cowley and Sean Gunn.

Poor Spice

Drag queen Poor Spice gives us insight into the glamorous world of drag, with its defiant history and rich culture, as she takes us through her years of performing on stage and tells us about her upcoming events.

Daneka Etchells

Cumbrian writer and actor Daneka Etchells tells us about the challenges she overcame breaking into the world of theatre, her identity, and the exciting projects she has coming up.

Preview of The Walk: Sheffield Welcomes Little Amal

An insight into Little Amal's journey and events that will be happening in the city centre.


Ryan Boulter of Sheffield garage rock band Teeff shows us how music can be about more than just status.

Matt Charles

We talked to independent Sheffield filmmaker Matt Charles about his work, student films, and the next generation of filmmakers.

Spirit of Independence

With the Spirit of Independence Film Festival coming to the Abbeydale Picture House on 2 October, the festival's director Ben Wilkinson tells us what we can expect (and gives us some invaluable tips for aspiring independent filmmakers).

Blowfish Theatre

With Boris the Musical 3 coming to the Theatre Deli on 22 September, we sat down for a chat with the team behind the show to talk about where they've been and where they're headed.

In the Nursery

Klive and Nigel Humberstone of In the Nursery, famed for their silent film scores, talk us through their forty years of musical history.

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