Introducing Daljinder Singh, the creator of Shreem
What is Shreem about?

Shreem seeks to create an equitable space for creatives - especially freelancers - to thrive. As someone that has worked within the creative industry for years, the idea behind our platform initially came from the frustration of trying to find talent to contract. It was often a protracted experience that was time consuming and laborious. I had often thought it would be good to have an efficient tool where talent could be found quickly without the need of a middleman, to make the process speedier and less time consuming. Over time I also realised that most creative freelancers are having more money cut from their fees. For example, if a creative is part of an agency, that agency will often take 10% of their wage/fee. Those selling independently through leading sites such as Amazon, Bandcamp, Patreon, Etsy, and so on, also take additional percentages. This means creatives are having their income pared down before they even have to consider their taxes. I believe our site will be able to give a fairer offer than that. When artists sell their skills/products through Shreem, they will keep their net profits.

Connecting Talent

The other important aspect of Shreem is encouraging the next generation of talent to connect with each other, creating great work and collaborations. By offering bespoke features we will make the act of collaboration within the sector much easier - especially in some of the creative sub sectors. There is also a social aspect to what we offer - you can reach out to like minded, talented individuals local to you. This provides the opportunity for you to bring projects to life together, build rapport, bounce ideas off each other, and expand your professional network.

Sustainable Careers

We want to encourage sustainable careers by allowing people to use their skills in a transferable way by working across different sectors and industries. For example, a Graphic Designer may have a passion for designing film posters. However, that might not be a realistic, consistent stream of work throughout the year. Therefore, using their skills to design for businesses and organisations, as well as for other independents, would help that person be more financially sustainable. Going forward, we will create tools that take the pain out of admin. With a few clicks, our users will be able to protect their work from being plagiarised, create work contracts, as well as general agreements that give everybody peace of mind.

So, who can get involved with Shreem?

If you are experienced in your field of work, or you want to build on your skills, then Shreem could be the ideal way for you to expand your work portfolio and network. These are just some of the roles our platform can support:

  • Content writers
  • Filmmakers
  • Game designers
  • Designers
  • Musician
  • Social media specialists
  • Sound experts
  • Lighting engineers
  • Actors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Photographers
  • Artists

This list is just scratching the surface - we welcome anybody with creative backgrounds to join up to our platform. As well as skilled individuals, we also encourage businesses that need creative input to get involved. With this, you have access to a range of people from different specialisms, to aid you with work projects. Are you a creative freelancer seeking connections and opportunities? Or, perhaps you’re part of a business that’s in need of talented creatives? Well, look no further! Create your profile, find collaborators, share your projects, and search for opportunities with Shreem today.

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